27 April 2023
MP Welcomes £2.2 Million School Funding Boost

Schools in West Worcestershire will be getting cash boost of more than £2 million as part of national plans to help schools with rising costs, it was confirmed today.

And MP Harriett Baldwin welcomed the cash award which is part of a £2 billion national commitment to support high quality education across the country.

Primary schools in West Worcestershire will get an average of £35,000 and secondary schools will get £200,000 to help with rising costs. Schools will receive their first payment in May and will be able to choose how best to invest the extra funding, including to pay for teacher salary uplifts and teaching assistants.

Nationally, the schools budget will be £58.8 billion in 2024 meaning the Government is putting more funding into schools than ever before. It also means school funding is set to rise faster than forecast inflation this year and next year.

Harriett commented:

“I regularly meet with schools to help me understand their day-to-day budgets and to help with bids for repairs to their buildings or to add new classrooms.

“This is an extremely welcome cash boost, and I am sure it will be welcomed by the staff who will directly benefit from this news and also parents across West Worcestershire.

“I have always campaigned for a fairer share of the national budget to go to our high-performing local schools as they work hard to give children a high quality education and the best possible start in life.

“Over the years, Worcestershire school funding has become fairer and I will keep helping schools to deliver world class education to local children.”