18 March 2024
MP Welcomes Pershore New Banking Blueprint

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed steps which will allow Pershore residents and business owners to access a banking hub.

The hub is a national initiative helping local communities to access banking services after the major high street banks have left town.

Harriett has worked with Lloyds Bank, the Financial Conduct Authority, Cash Access and the cashpoint company Link to make sure that a permanent banking hub will be offered in Pershore after the current final bank closes at the end of May.

Pershore’s MP also connected Cash Access with the town council to identify a site for a temporary solution which will be opened in the town’s library next month, while the permanent site is agreed and prepared for operation.

Harriett said:

“I have been regularly meeting with Cash Access, which is the organisation responsible for opening banking hubs and last week it was confirmed to me that plans for the temporary and permanent solutions are well underway.

“I am confident that the temporary solution will open shortly and I am grateful to the Pershore Town Council who have been fully supportive of this work and have agreed to locate it in the library.

“The permanent provision still needs some effort to get the details agreed, but I’ve been able to keep a firm hand on this as the right plan is developed and connect people to make sure all the right parties are talking to each other.

“Banking hubs are very convenient as most major banks can be accessed in one place and I am confident that this temporary plan will lead to a good permanent location.”