13 February 2023
MP Sees Hydrogen Heating Future

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin took a tour of the one of the county’s largest employers where central heating boilers are being adapted to work with a future hydrogen fuel network.

Worcester Bosch is already selling boilers which can use a blend of hydrogen and natural gas to be ready for a switch over immediately, reducing our reliance on carbon-based fuels.

And the company is also developing a range of air source heat pumps which can be used to reduce people’s dependence on fossil fuels to heat their homes.

The Government is working on a strategy to include hydrogen power and is consulting on a timeline to move to the gas in parallel with developing other renewable heating solutions.

The Worcester company is investing in a programme of research and development to help customers reduce their own carbon footprint and reduce their heating bills.

Harriett said:

“There is some really exciting innovation being carried out in the county to make us ready for a switch away from our reliance on carbon fuels.

“Nearly nine out of ten homes use natural gas to heat their homes and give them hot water so the task is huge but Worcester Bosch already have a hydrogen-ready boiler on sale so people can start thinking about that option when replacing their old boiler.

“A more efficient heating system and proper insulation are both key elements of how my constituents can improve their energy efficiency and I am excited to learn about how one of our county’s largest employers is now at the vanguard of innovation to help us to get to our crucial, binding net zero targets.”

Photo: Worcester Bosch Technical Services director Martyn Bridges, Harriett Baldwin MP with chief executive Carl Arntzen.