19 April 2023
MP Praises Wychavon Council Tax Freeze in PMQ

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has praised the work of Wychavon District Council, which has again frozen council tax, in a question to the Prime Minister today.

The MP highlighted the work of Wychavon’s Conservative council to freeze tax over six years and maintain good public services in contrast to the ‘rag tag bag of so-called independents and greens’ who have put up Malvern Hills council taxes by almost 50 per cent.

Harriett commented:

“I am proud of the Conservative-run Wychavon District Council which has consistently delivered excellent public services while freezing council tax for the last six years.

“This is in stark contrast to the rag tag bag of independent and green councillors who have mis-managed an administration which has seen district council tax burdens increase by nearly 50 per cent for band D properties.

“I took the opportunity today to highlight the strong performance of Wychavon’s Conservative district councillors to the Prime Minister today and hope that they will return to lead the administration after the elections on May 4.

“In contrast the muddled Malvern coalition of disparate Lib Dem and Labour defectors has allowed the council tax burden to balloon over the last four years, and I strongly hope for the return of a sensible, unified team of Conservative councillors to tackle the cost of living for my constituents.”