17 May 2021
Harriett Supports TSB Safe Space Initiative

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has supported a national campaign which allows people suffering domestic abuse to access support.

And Harriett visited the TSB branch in Tenbury to get a briefing on the initiative which is being rolled out across the bank’s branches this month.

TSB’s Steven Hall with Harriett Baldwin MP

TSB’s Steven Hall with Harriett Baldwin MP

People needing assistance are able to go to the branch where staff have been given specialist training on how to best help victims. The Tenbury branch has a covid-safe meeting room with a phone that can be used to offer further specialist support.

Research shows that there was a 40 per cent increase in people needing support on domestic abuse during periods of lockdown and the Government has passed landmark legislation to increase protection for victims and strengthen measures to tackle perpetrators.

Harriett said: “The increase in domestic abuse has been a major concern over the last year and during periods of lockdown, people we unable to access support or even able to leave their home setting.

“This is an important initiative as the Government strengthens its support both to help victims and tackle perpetrators.

“By rolling out this campaign, I hope that this is also a sign that TSB is committing to its branch network. Several high street banks have announced local closures and I hope this is confirmation that the Tenbury branch is here to stay.”