19 April 2023
Harriett Meets Minister to Discuss College Rescue Plan

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has had a discussion with the Skills Minister about Malvern Hills College as a deal is worked out to try and save Malvern Hills College from permanent closure.

Local benefactor Colin Kinnear from the Bransford Trust is behind a rescue plan to save the former college and return teaching to the historic site but the negotiations with Warwickshire College Group are ongoing.

Both Malvern Hills District Council and Worcestershire County Council have agreed to allocate funds to take control back and allow teaching to resume in September and a bid has been formally submitted.

Harriett took the time to brief the Department forEducation Minister Robert Halfon, this week, to try and make sure that agreement can be reached before a court date in June where the Leamington Spa- based Group will challenge a covenant protecting the site from property development.

Harriett said:

“No-one thinks it makes sense to sue Malvern Hills District Council over a covenant that was put in place to prevent asset-stripping and I am pleased that Warwickshire College Group have finally come to the table to try and do a sensible deal and I met with the Minister to update him on progress.

“I am also in touch with the negotiators in Worcestershire to seek an acceptable landing ground for a deal.

“There are still some sticking points, but I hope that both parties will be able to overcome these hurdles and do a deal that will benefit everyone, but especially all those people who are eager to see courses return to the college in September.

“I am reassured that the Minister is supportive of our efforts, and he wants an outcome that benefits local students.”


Photo: Pictured in the House of Commons Harriett Baldwin MP and Skills Minister Robert Halfon MP