12 May 2021
Harriett Calls for Safe Road Crossing for Lower Broadheath

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has stepped up her campaign to improve road safety at a busy county road which has been blighted by heavy lorry traffic for more than a year.

The MP has written to Worcestershire County Council calling for it to look into installing a pedestrian crossing along the busy B4204 at Lower Broadheath close to the village’s primary school.


Flashback to 2019: Harriett Baldwin MP pictured alongside the busy B4204 by Lower Broadheath Primary School


The village has seen significant new house building in recent years and local residents now have to cross the village road to access the new community shop and Post Office which has relocated to the Bell pub car park.

Harriett contacted the Safer Roads Partnership in 2019 after local people complained about heavy lorries speeding through the village. Extra enforcement was promised but local residents report that the problem has persisted for the last 12 months while spoil from major construction projects is transported through the village.

The MP supported a similar campaign in Hallow which led to the construction of a pedestrian crossing near to the village primary school.

Harriett said: “I’ve seen at first-hand how very heavy lorries speed through the village, especially near to the school, and it is clearly a concern for local residents who have to cross the road to reach the shop and pubs.

“The Safer Roads Partnership promised extra enforcement but that doesn’t seem to have alleviated the problem, so it is time to consider different solutions which offer a safe crossing point as well as natural traffic calming.

“A significant number of new homes have already been built in the village so I would hope that the county council is able to access developer funds to make this project affordable.

“I have asked the county council to have a close look at this and see if there is a sensible solution that can help residents and parents of children at Lower Broadheath Primary School to feel a little safer crossing the road.”