18 May 2021
Barclays Offers Meeting with Harriett over Malvern Closure

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin will meet with Barclays Bank to discuss plans to shut the Great Malvern branch later this year.

The MP received a reply to her request for information and has agreed to a meeting to understand the thinking behind the decision to close the popular branch.

The bank has set out its case for closing the branch which includes declining footfall in the branch and changing consumer behaviour, with more customers banking online.

It has also committed to working with the elderly and vulnerable customers who will be affected by this closure.

Harriett said: “I welcome the swift response from Barclays Bank and plan to follow up with a meeting as soon as possible to get a better level of detail on this decision.

“I understand that the bank has seen a decline in visits in person but it has been a pandemic, and I am concerned that Barclays, like other high street banks,  are withdrawing from offering vital high street services at a time when we need to show support for local businesses and local shoppers.

“With the bank network shrinking, this will mean fewer trips to the high street which will have a knock on effect on local traders.

“I welcome the bank’s commitments to support its elderly and vulnerable customers but I will keep the pressure on this bank and others to support the high street at this critical time in our national covid recovery plan.”