European Union trade deal

I have always respected the result of the 2016 referendum and have always supported leaving the European Union with a deal. I consistently voted to support the Withdrawal Agreement and I am pleased that there is now an agreed trade and security deal in place.

I know that this news will be particularly welcome for the local farmers, growers and food producers who rely on tariff-free trading arrangements with the continent and this is also positive news for all the businesses who have contacted me in recent months who trade with specific European countries.

This has been a long and protracted process, but the aim has always been to deliver on the choice of the British people to leave the EU whilst securing the best possible trading arrangements with our closest neighbours.

I’m looking forward to seeing the detail on the new arrangements and Parliament will need to return next week to debate and vote on this deal.
“But with a deal in place, I hope we are all able to move forward as a country and build an ambitious plan for strengthening our position on the global stage.