29 November 2021
MP Puts Road Safety First for A46

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has raised local fears that the busy A46 link road is becoming an accident blackspot.

The MP has called for a formal review of the busy stretch of road between Tewksbury and Evesham after local people raised their concerns about road safety and increased congestion.

Harriett has written a letter to National Highways chief executive Nick Harris together with Mid Worcestershire MP Nigel Huddleston and Tewksbury MP Laurence Robertson calling for a review of road safety and speeding.

The Department for Transport has also committed to assessing speed limits along the road and will report back next Spring.

Harriett said:

“The A46 has been a matter of increasing concern for some years with communities sharing their concerns with me about speeding and the increasing incidence of accidents.

“There is a plan under development to enhance the A46 but I was keen that this should go hand-in-hand with improved road safety, especially between the Teddington Hands roundabout and Evesham.

“I am planning to talk to local councillors to discuss this further, but I am reassured that the Government is already looking into the concerns raised by me and my neighbouring MPs.

“The road is a vital strategic route, but it must be kept safe, and with major roadworks currently underway, I would like National Highways to look closely at the issues raised by local people and come back with a definitive plan of action.”