11 June 2021
Harriett Welcomes UK Vaccine Aid Commitment

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has welcomed news that the Government’s commitment to share vaccines with the world will result in an international aid boost.

The MP has spoken out about the plans to reduce international aid contributions to half a per cent of national income and has called for MPs to be able to vote on the policy shift.

Harriett spoke in Parliament this week and encouraged the Government to share vaccine stock with other countries and she has called for the financial donations to fund this project to come on top of the current aid spending commitment.

Harriett commented:

“The vaccine programme has been enormously successful in the United Kingdom but the job will not be complete until all of the world has been able to access our excellent vaccines.

“This is coming through sharing of stockpiles and also financial support, and I was pleased that the Government has confirmed that this cash will come on top of our existing spending commitments.

“Of course, I am keen that we stick to our 0.7 per cent commitment, which I and every MP backed at the last General Election. This announcement takes us closer to the goal and shows that aid is a win-win, making the world safer for everyone.

“As the G7 gathers in Cornwall this weekend, I am proud that we can still say we are doing our bit to help the poorest countries deal with this global public health crisis.”