The Windsor Framework

The Prime Minister has done a great job to get this deal in place and it is clear to me that his focus delivered greater concessions from the European Union than his predecessors achieved.

I am also pleased that the House of Commons has now voted to approve the Stormont Brake. The framework removes over 1700 pages of EU law governing Northern Ireland. Less than three per cent of EU law will still apply for the purpose of avoiding a hard border and protecting the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement.

I have met businesses, especially our world-class horticultural specialists, who have not been able to trade with Northern Ireland because of the old protocol so I hope that this will open up the market again for them and other local businesses who may have been missing out.

With the anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, I am pleased that all parties have come together to deliver an important resolution to a vexing issue and hopefully this will now trigger the full return of the Northern Ireland assembly and democratic representation.