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  • 21st June 2019

    Readers will, like me, have been saddened to hear of the passing of Lord Michael Spicer last month. Michael was MP for South and then West Worcestershire and he was always so kind to me when I was the candidate on his patch for four years from 2006 to 2010. read more »

  • 30th May 2019
    Harriett Baldwin 2015

    The sudden closure of Bowkett’s and the resulting closure of Tenbury’s Post Office and parcel collection capability has had an immediate impact on local businesses and local residents. read more »

  • 20th May 2019

    Last month, the United Nations published a study on global happiness that has measured a decline, but against the trend the UK has become happier and moved up from 19th to 15th happiest country in 2018. We are ranked Number 1 in the world for ‘Soft Power’ – that’s our culture, language, international engagement - remember the Oscars? read more »

  • 20th April 2019

    We’ve all seen, and heard, the messages from people who are concerned about climate change, but amid the noise there has been little coverage on the amazing progress that has been made in the last few years by our Government to act vigorously on major environmental issues. I’m keen to set that straight by sharing a few important milestones that you may be unaware of. read more »

  • 31st March 2019

    Congratulations to our local primary schools! I was thrilled to get a letter from the school standards Minister to report that, last year, 21 out of 38 primary schools in West Worcestershire had made huge progress in their Key Stage 2 results. read more »

  • 20th February 2019

    How many of you can say that you do all your shopping in shops these days? I confess I have been known to download books and music, to buy hard-to-find things on Amazon and I even read this fine newspaper on a tablet. read more »

  • 22nd January 2019

    One of the best parts of my job is visiting our fabulous local primary schools and I always ask the pupils what issues they care most about. Animal welfare and the environment are usually the first things they raise. As local MP and Minister I try to ensure that we leave behind a cleaner, more resilient environment to these children. read more »

  • 18th December 2018

    This has been a memorable year for many reasons. In the political world we have seen a General Election, the return of Theresa May to Downing Street and the beginning of complex negotiations to secure our exit from the European Union. read more »

  • 26th November 2018
    Harriett Baldwin 2015

    When I was first elected eight years ago, the public finances were in serious trouble. read more »

  • 17th October 2018

    As well as being MP for West Worcestershire, I am also the UK Minister for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Minister of State at the Department of International Development. A bit of a mouthful! It’s a real privilege to visit many African countries and acknowledge the very strong bilateral relationships that the UK has with so many countries in Africa. I get to do a lot of dancing too, but fortunately it doesn’t make the News at Ten! read more »

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