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Latest Speeches...

  • 28th October 2010

    Harriett Baldwin questions the Government on its plans to narrow the pay gap between men and women. read more »

  • 26th October 2010
    Commons 002

    Harriett Baldwin questions the Deputy PM on the establishment of a commission to look into the West Lothian question - which is the problem where Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs vote on matters concerning England, but English MPs cannot vote on the same issues as they are devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. read more »

  • 26th October 2010

    Harriett contributes to a Parliamentary debate on the Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill. read more »

  • 21st October 2010
    Commons 002

    Harriett Baldwin calls for a Parliamentary debate on the regulation and performance of the Financial Services Authority. read more »

  • 20th October 2010
    Harriett makes her maiden speech in the House of Commons

    Full text of Harriett's speech in the debate on Independent Financial Advisors. read more »

  • 18th October 2010
    Harriett makes her maiden speech in the House of Commons

    During Work and Pensions Question Time in the House of Commons, Harriett asks the Secretary of State if his reforms will help ensure that the Department's accounts can be signed off by the auditors in future - after not having been signed off for many years. read more »

  • 14th October 2010
    Commons 002

    Harriett recounts the experiences of a constituent who was first infected with contaminated blood products in 1976 and as a result has been unable to work since 1997. She calls for the review to ensure that compensation levels will reflect the length of time individuals have been unable to work and to ensure that patients in this position never again experience financial disadvantage from this terrible situation. read more »

  • 12th October 2010
    Commons 001

    Harriett welcomes the cuts in corporation tax that were announced in June as basic economics suggests lower tax rates for business can lead to higher tax revenues from business. read more »

  • 11th October 2010
    Commons 002

    Speaking during a Commons debate on welfare reform, Harriett Baldwin expresses her surprise that the Leader of the Opposition would like to restore child benefit to those earning higher salaries. read more »

  • 8th September 2010
    Commons 001

    Following the Government statement on overpayments and underpayments in the PAYE system, Harriett Baldwin raises her concerns that other problems with the HMRC computer system have yet to be uncovered. read more »

Harriett says...

Harriett Baldwin
This website has been created to keep you in touch with my work both in Westminster and across the constituency.

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