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  • 20th December 2010
    Commons - PMQs

    Following the Prime Minister's statement to MPs on last week's European Council, Harriett Baldwin welcomes news that when the permanent mechanism for assisting eurozone countries that get into financial difficulty comes into force Britain will not be liable. However she questions the PM on the extent of Britain's liability under the current emergency arrangements signed up to by the previous Government in the Lisbon treaty. read more »

  • 29th November 2010
    Commons 002

    More than 80 MPs joined in Harriett's historic Backbench Committee debate in the House of Commons. read more »

  • 24th November 2010
    Bus Stop

    Harriett Baldwin takes part in a debate led by fellow-Worcestershire MP Karen Lumley on new arrangements for concessionary bus travel and makes the point that no council should be left out of pocket by any scheme. read more »

  • 23rd November 2010
    Commons 001

    Following the Home Secretary's statement on immigration, Harriett Baldwin calls for reassurance that the new process will not slow down applications from highly trusted sponsors such as the well-respected boarding schools in West Worcestershire. read more »

  • 19th November 2010
    Commons 002

    Harriett Baldwin backs a Private Member's Bill which aims to make it easier for social enterprises to secure contracts to deliver public sector services and to require that public sector contracts include provisions relating to social outcomes and social values. read more »

  • 17th November 2010
    Commons 002

    Following the Financial Secretary to the Treasury's statement to MPs, Harriett Baldwin highlights the restrictions and extra difficulties facing Ireland because it is in the euro. read more »

  • 10th November 2010
    Commons 002

    Harriett Baldwin debates the technical aspects of the Bill and the need to ensure that all victims are fairly compensated and none are not discriminated against by an arbitrary cut off date. read more »

  • 4th November 2010
    Commons 002

    Harriett Baldwin MP questioned the Government over the role of migrant workers in local county farms. read more »

  • 28th October 2010

    Harriett Baldwin questions the Government on its plans to narrow the pay gap between men and women. read more »

  • 26th October 2010

    Harriett contributes to a Parliamentary debate on the Savings Accounts and Health in Pregnancy Grant Bill. read more »

Harriett says...

Harriett Baldwin
This website has been created to keep you in touch with my work both in Westminster and across the constituency.

Surgery Dates

26th October Telephone Surgery
2nd November Tenbury
16th November Upton-upon-Severn

Surgeries are held at 5pm on Friday evenings. To book an appointment please talk to a caseworker at the constituency office on 01684 585165. | Full list of dates

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