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MP publishes latest expense claims

14th January 2016

West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin today published her latest expenses which have been approved by the independent watchdog.

The publication covers expenses processed by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority over the period stretching across August and September, 2015.

Harriett is reimbursed for some second home expenses and also the regular car journeys she makes between Westminster and the constituency, and attending meetings in the county.

The expenses also include the travel costs of her constituency staff and the costs incurred running an office in Malvern and holding weekly advice surgeries.

Harriett was repaid £45 to cover accommodation as well as office costs of £2,234.80 and a further £777.15 to cover her and her staff's travel costs. The slightly larger office costs over this period include an annual payment to cover employers’ liability insurance.

Harriett said: “All of these expenses have been verified and approved by the independent watchdog and are regularly published on the IPSA website.

"I remain fully committed to the principal of publishing this data. The public should have complete transparency."

The full expenses details can be found at www.parliamentary-standards.org.uk




Constituency Office £17.636.90
Staffing Payroll £124,792.78


Accommodation £4,072.54
Travel and Subsistence £7,910.00

To search for full details of these expense claims, please visit www.parliamentary-standards.org.uk
Connected Parties: None
Loans and Advances

Advance None
Constituency Office Deposit None
Accommodation Deposit None


Basic Salary £66,396
Additional Payments None
London Area Living Payment None

| Expenses 2012-13
| Expenses 2011-12
| Expenses 2010-11


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