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EU Referendum Archive

David Cameron has secured a special status for the UK in the EU. We enjoy the best of both worlds – sovereignty over our currency and interest rates, sovereignty over budget matters as a non-euro country and not being part of the border-free Schengen area. But our farmers and businesses get access to an enormous market and we can choose to live, work, study, travel freely and own property in the EU with the same protections as at home.

Many jobs in Worcestershire and the UK hinge on this free movement of goods, workers and services around the EU. Those advocating leaving the EU have not, to my mind, been able to show how they would retain the benefits of free trade in a single market, nor have they shown how we'd be able to influence future changes to EU laws that would affect us, nor how they would reduce the cost of membership nor even how our borders would be safer if we left.

The franchise for the referendum (as prescribed by the European Union Referendum Act 2015) will be based on the general election franchise, but will also include members of the House of Lords and Commonwealth citizens in Gibraltar. British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 who are resident in the UK will therefore be eligible to vote as well as UK nationals resident overseas for less than 15 years. You can find out how to register to vote at:

Now that the negotiations are successfully concluded, I am pleased to back remaining in a reformed European Union in the referendum to be held on 23rd June, where my vote will carry the same weight as yours.

This leaflet sets out the facts, and explains why the government believes a vote to remain in the EU is in the best interests of the people of the UK. It shows some of the choices the UK would face if there were a vote to leave.

If you would like further information, please visit the government’s EU referendum website at EUreferendum.gov.uk

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