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M5 roadwork delays add to county commuter misery

20th August 2018

Highways Chiefs have warned of further delays for county motorists after it was confirmed Birmingham motorway roadworks have hit extra delays.

And West Worcestershire MP Harriett Baldwin has repeated her call to remove an artificial pinchpoint at the M5 intersection with the M42 north of the county where artificial traffic queues have caused misery for drivers.

The MP has written on several occasions to Highways England chief executive Jim O’Sullivan asking him to lift the lane closures, which have caused delays and increased the risk of major incidents for local drivers.

And Harriett repeated her call for an urgent review following news that the roadworks at the Oldbury Viaduct are over-running and will have a knock-on impact on the extended lane closures on the M5.

Harriett commented: “I continue to be exasperated by the fact that local drivers have to face these artificial delays just to deter drivers from driving towards the Birmingham roadworks.

“The Government has spent millions on new signage and a smart motorway and yet Highways England persist in this artificial lane closure. Most drivers will know that there are major roadworks towards Birmingham and proper signage should give motorists the choice to divert if they wish.

“This intransigence by Highways England runs the direct risk of increasing the chance of delays and accidents in Worcestershire and this is simply not acceptable.

“My constituents are still frustrated by this lack of a proper response by Highways England and I urge them to finally listen to the increasingly angry voices of local drivers before there is a major incident here.”

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